Pass the BBA advocates for structural changes at the local, state and Federal levels to address issues such as:

  • Passing a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Reforming Social Security to allow for its solvency for another generation
  • Updating Public Employee pensions to mirror private sector retirement accounts.
  • Rewriting the civil service system employment agreements to end a system where government personnel incompetency is not just protected, but rewarded.
  • Ensuring a constitutional guaranteed secret ballot for all elections, including union organizing elections.
  • Capping the growth of government, until its existing fiscal holes are filled.

Pass the BBA has does not directly advocate for the election of any candidate running for office.  Rather, we help inform and educate the voting public on:

  • Why these issues are critical
  • Why reforms must be passed now
  • Where various candidates stand on these issue
  • How and where citizens can register to vote
  • How and where citizens can help candidates and parties qualify for the ballot
  • How and where citizens can request a mail-in ballot
  • How and where citizens can vote on Election day